Thursday, October 23, 2014

Reflection on UNC by a Duke Fan

As a Duke fan I look at the news that is coming out about the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and their student athletes with remorse and sorrow.  I don't read articles about them taking teacherless classes with silent cheers or a constant smile on my face.  I don't watch news reports about the findings of 18 years of academic fraud while dancing like Carton.  As a Duke fan, I look at this situation at UNC with sadness.

Here is why.  For me the Duke/UNC rivalry always represented the best of North Carolina Universities.  The two top schools going head to head in every way possible; academics, sports, and pride.  They are only separated by a few messily miles and yet hold some world renowned programs within their walls and stadiums.  I want both schools to live up to that expectation.  Actually I wish this for Wake Forest and NC State as well.  I want the Tobacco Road rivals to represent the best schools and the best sports in the entire nation.

My heart breaks to hear of this scandal at UNC because now their reputation is tarnished.  It will take a long time to get them back to where they use to be.  I want UNC at the top of their game in the classroom, and on the field/court.

I want that because it is that much sweeter when Duke wins and I know we have beaten the best of the best.  I hope UNC can get their act together and recover from this.  I have a feeling they will.

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clbandhcb said...

You're right Jimmy. Living for 20 years in Durham, Duke/UNC was life. It was one or the other. Names were called...alliances held no matter what. But both universities knew that each provided an awesome school of study. 18 years...that's right before Dean left. And they had to deal with the Matt Doughtery began there. Needs to be cleaned up now!