Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Outside MY Window

For the second time in three weeks we have a winter storm coming through our area.  My kids have been out of school for the fourth day in these three weeks.  The last winter storm did
nothing at our house.  The roads were fine.  There may have been a flake or two on the ground but nothing horrible.  Today, it is snowing quiet well and roads are covered and the storm has JUST started.  It will be a mess before the end of the day.

What I find interesting is the complaints we hear from parents about school closings.  Facebook is alive with pictures of saying "what snow?" or why do they cancel school again?  We have a limited view when we just look outside our windows.  But when counties close schools we are reminded that the world is bigger than what is outside our window.

Two weeks ago we got nothing in the northwestern part of the county I live in, but in the southeast they did have some.  Right now we are getting a ton of snow but only thirty minutes north they still have nothing.  The world is bigger than what is outside our windows.

We tend to forget this.  Not because we want to be egotistical (although in some cases it is) but because we judge the reality of our worlds by what we can see.  If we can't see it, is it really happening?  If it isn't happening outside my window is it really happening?

School systems have to look at their whole area and make a call on the whole county or system.  If in my part of the country the roads are dry that doesn't mean that 30 minutes away from me it looks completely different.  My window doesn't equal the whole world, just the space out my window.

May we be aware of that fact and live into the fact where what is happening out our windows isn't the reality of the whole world.  How would our minds, souls, Facebook posts and Tweets change if we lived this out?

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