Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shunning the UMC?

Very interesting article, from Jeremy Smith, about the top 100 United Methodist Churches in the US and how many associate themselves with the United Methodist Church and which do not.  Three Western North Carolina churches are mentioned in here (Good Shepherd, Christ, and Crossroads).  I found this article interesting and I wonder if this trend will continue or eventually will the pendulum swing back? 

Jeremy also has an interesting follow up.

These posts pose a great questions about where our feet should be.  One foot in our past, acknowledging, repenting, celebrating and the other in the future, changing, adapting, and moving for
ward.  Once again, as a church and denomination we are in the extreme center.

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John Bryant said...

In fairness to those churches, Jeremy chose a very narrow definition of Methodist engagement for the website: the words United Methodist and the cross and flame logo.

What's more important, the name & logo or a Wesleyan sensibility of being disciples?