Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Assess Your Leadership

In 2008 I wrote a post after reading a book by John Maxwell.  In the book, Developing the Leaders Around You, he gives 25 questions to assess the leadership around you.  As I am approaching the 4th quarter of my first year of this appointment, I stumbled on this post.  It is worth a read because it gives some keys to identifying great leaders verses emerging leaders.

Too often in the local church we place emerging leaders in places where great leaders are needed.  Emerging leaders have passion and a lot of heart but may not have all the skills needed to follow through with a project or task.  Especially in the UM system which demands working within a structure/polity, it may be too much for emerging leaders to tackle. 

The ability to name where leaders are in their growth is beneficial because it provides a way to name the abilities of your leadership.  There is nothing wrong with emerging leaders, but they need coaching.  Great leaders and even good leaders can be left alone to use their talents and gifts but guidance is needed for those honing their leadership abilities. 

As Chairpersons of the Nominations Committees of our churches, leadership assessment tools are great assets to have in our tool box.  Please read (link above) it can be enlightening. 

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Cynthia Astle said...

Good reminder, Jim. I've picked up your original post for this week's UM Insight.