Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Tomorrow is “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” where some preachers will stand behind their pulpit and tell people who to vote for.  They will tape this proclamation and then send it to the IRS begging them to take them to court.  Tomorrow I won’t mention this because I am preaching about Passionate Worship…which may have something to say about the idols we create in our politicians…is truly about God.  So I will be sticking with the Big Guy tomorrow. 

I have read and heard some interesting opinion on this Sunday though and thought I would share.  First Allan Bevere has a great article on this subject.  Here is one of his points that I thought was spot on.  Click here to see the fullpost.

“Third, the gospel is true freedom, which only the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ can secure.  I don’t need the Alliance Defending Freedom on one hand, nor Americans United for Separation of Church and State on the other, telling me that obeying the law or defying it is necessary for the freedom of religion.  The gospel is inherently liberating in the fullest sense of the term, legislation and tax codes notwithstanding.  I will preach the gospel of Jesus Christ from the pulpit and I don’t need the state defining for me what that does and does not mean, nor do I need a group of pastors telling me that if I do not endorse a candidate from the pulpit I am allowing the state to muzzle me.”

Then I heard an interview on NPR with Stephen Colbert this week and the interview below was quoted.  I thought Colbert’s points were also spot on and hilarious as always.  Enjoy.

What scares me the most is when we make worship about something else besides God.  When we make it about a political statement, our own personal egos, or our own agendas, we have turned worship into idolatry.   

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