Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter = Low Sunday

It is a very strange circumstances at my church.  It has taken me at least 3 years to get use to it.  But the reality is that Easter Sunday has always been, historically, a low Sunday.  The main reason is that many of the families own beach houses and spend the long weekend with their family at the beach. But I still remember my first Easter here and the feeling of joy that shot out of me like a circus cannon when I looked out into the congregation and saw 2/3 of my usual congregation.

We do not have many visitors on Easter Sunday.  Since our small town of 25,000 people have around 90 churches to choose from I guess we are simply low on the list.  Or the sign out front isn't enough to draw in visitors.  Or everyone is at the beach.

Last year seemed a little fuller but the congregation has changed.  There are more new families over the last three years that have joined and they don't have access to beach houses.  As we have broken free from relying on the "from heres" and more of the "come heres" have filled the pews, those pews have stayed filled during the high holy days.

Regardless I have warned our new music director that the service will seem very 'normal' on Easter.

So here is an invite to all the world.  If you would like to come and worship on Easter morning...come on out to Trinity UMC in Thomasville, NC at 11:00am.  Heck come at 8:30am for an Easter Communion Service and stay for breakfast at 9:00am.  There will be plenty of room!

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