Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Prophetic

A while back, on 7-22-07, I preached on this week's lectionary text. These were the exact words I preached on that day...

I have fallen in love with TiVo so much I wish they could invent one for the radio. I love listening to NPR and other talk radio and sometimes I miss what they said because I am paying attention to traffic. I would love to be able to rewind and listen again.
Now my wish has come true. GM has come out with a DVR for the radio and it is now available on certain new models. I wonder what else I should preach about so that it can come true as well...

- free cable
- cheap unlimited cell phone plans
- cheap and extremely fast internet connections
- mute button for children who are fake crying

Anything you would suggest?


Allan R. Bevere said...

Uhh, Jim... before you claim the title, remember what happened to most of the Prophets in the end. :-)

Unknown said...

Way to crush my joy Allan! I'd be happy to go out like Elijah, but calling the invention of Radio TiVo might not be worth the the price of admission on a chariot of fire.