Monday, June 28, 2010

Worship Fail

Modern Church bands have all the potential to be awesome. They can bring an energy to worship that is unlike anything a single person can do on an organ or piano that speaks to the younger generations (that makes me feel so old saying that). Being that my current appointment only has a piano and organ, I do not have the pleasure of knowing what a worship band can be like but from what I have seen during Annual Conference and the rare other times I can worship in a place with one it is very exciting.

For any person who participates in worship, whether it is the person behind the pulpit, lectern, piano, microphone, organ, guitar, or the person who is so good they don't stand behind anything, it all boils down to the same thing during worship. It is not about you. Whether you are a musician, a band, a prayerer (new word), or a preacher, you are a vessel that is being used by God. The audience is not there to see you, hear you, or do what you say. The audience, also known as the congregation, are there to worship GOD, the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. So put down your ego, your need for applause, and let God work through you.

This is a video that I saw over at Gavin's Facebook page. I think it captures this thought well. It seems that the band leader has captured a couple of fun popular song phrases, thrown a little Jesus into the jam and called it worship. Sure, taking your shoes off on holy ground is nice but the burning bush didn't ask Moses to swing his socks around. I have nothing against rocking out for Jesus but by the end I thought this moment of praise was more for the band and not God.

Lord, please forgive me when I wave my hands in the air like I don't care so that people can worship me over you.

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Rebecca Of Tomorrow said...

You're right. That sucks. And it probably stinks too!