Sunday, June 27, 2010

Online Church

It's my Sunday off, recovering from a week long trip up to Ohio. I decided that since I was at home, on a Sunday, I would attempt to do something I have never done...go to church online. I'm not sure what will happen since I am doing this at home, with two kids, its 12:00 (near lunch) and I have a list of other post-vacation stuff to do. I'll attempt to do some live blogging to give you my perspective of the online worship service from Granger Community Online Church. I'm logged in as a visitor and away we go...

12:05 - promo for upcoming sermon series, Soul Flix..., hey look a chat bar, and other tabs. You can see how many other people are in the online audience with you...6 people?, the room just got a little small. I send out a "peace of Christ" via the chat box, typo included.
12:07 - I'm invited to stand...still seating in my office chair, band starts to play
12:19 - I was invited to shake the hand of the people around me...luckily my wife walked in at that moment. Band was good and the videos playing that followed was pretty awesome.
12:29 - sermon guy comes on, preacher from another church. It seems there are a 1000 churches coming together for this sermon series. The video of the sermon I am watching is being watched by 1000 other churches...huh. (to be snarky, it is almost like these nondenominational churches are a denomination?)
12:32 - wife comes in, shakes her head at what I'm doing and asks me to listen for the beep on the stove and then put in lunch.
12:35 - miss beep, wife a little annoyed...I go and attempt to help.
12:45 - lunch is ready, coupons filed, message/sermon half the way done. Off for lunch and then the store to restock the empty cupboards of our house. (I guess my online church is over, and I got out early).

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