Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy 100th BSA

I am a proud Eagle Scout. I cherish the things I learned in scouting and I hope someday I my son can take part in a wonderful troop as well. I was a member of Troop 49, based out of Back Creek ARP Church only a couple miles from my house. It is a stored Troop and the opportunities they allowed me to participate in were life changing.

I still remember the High Adventure trips we took to Yosemite and Philmont. The numerous camping trips and weekly lessons in preparedness for life. The lessons I learned from scouting are still in my brain and that speaks to the class and leadership in Troop 49. It is because of them I can still receite the Scout Law, can orient a map, and can start a fire (without gasoline!).

For all the memories, thank you and I wish all those Scouts and Scout Leaders the best on the 100th birthday of the Boy Scouts of America.

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