Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Southern Savers Plug

We have a new member of the family. Her name is Jenny. Jenny dictates a lot of what we do during the week. "Jenny says that Harris Teeter is NOT having triple coupons, I guess we will go to Lowes this week." "Jenny says there is a sale at Food Lion." Jenny says there is a ton of stuff to get at CVS this week." Jenny...Jenny...Jenny.

Jenny is the coupon guru from Southern Savers, Southern Deals and Frugal Steals. Somehow, being a mother of three (twins are in that three) she has the time to learn all the deals in all the super markets and drug stores in the south. (well most of them)

Truthfully ever since being introduced to this site we have cute our grocery bills in half. And it is hard work but there is some nothing like walking out of a grocery store seeing your bill be $130 and only having to pay $60. AWESOME!!!

Jenny did come to our church and did a coupon course. It was truly insightful and during these economic times she makes it extremely easy to save a ton of money. Last week we went to CVS and bought $43.43 dollars worth of stuff for $3.68.

Thanks Jenny. Check it out and my wife says if you go visit Jenny might send us a Christmas present.

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