Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Confess I Hate...

I confess there are certain things/arguments/actions that when I see them done, I am completely turned off. I confess that when said things are done/shown/discussed there is a switch in my brain that turns off. I confess I thought this because I am intellectually more advanced than these people, note my Duke Divinity School diploma please. I confess that turning a deaf ear makes me look like the idiot and I miss on opportunities for discussions and conversations that broaden my views and the people I am interacting with.

I have been thinking about those 'things' that cause my brain and ears to shut off. Here is my current list:
  • Confederate Flags - when I seem them hanging in front yards or stuck on the back of truck windows, I am turned off and pray that the truck isn't pulling into my church parking lot.
  • Joel Osteen - when people praise him as a great Christian leader, my lower intestines rumble.
  • Racism - I heard the other day, "I can't believe those blacks..." We are in 2009 now people! Grow up.
  • Relative Truth - when people throw this argument out it makes me wonder what they are scared of.
  • Presidential Candidate Stickers, years after they lost - face it, you lost, get over it, move on, or at least put a "Don't Blame Me I Voted for ____" sticker over it.
I know there is more but they cannot come to mind. What is yours?

When I think, even for a minute, that I am better than these people, I am not loving them like Christ does. Do I disagree with them, yes, even heavily at times. But when I shut the door on them I am not offering them Christ's love. It is through relationships that growth happens. During a deaf ear doesn't grow anything but more hate or to use a lighter term, disgust. I confess I'm going to do better.

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