Saturday, August 15, 2009


One of the things I dislike to hear the most is "I didn't know about that event." I don't like it because I feel about 30% of my week is attempting different forms of communication to let people know what is going on. Here is what we have at TUMC. On the back of Sunday's bulletin are a list of announcements and a weekly calendar. 15 minutes before the service we run a PowerPoint presentation with announcements. Then I start off the service making any announcements we missed or need to be highlighted. We also have a website/blog, a Facebook group, and during the week I can send out one or two or even three phone trees making sure people know of events happening in the week.

All that work. All that miticulus and time consuming work for someone to say they didn't know about an event. Frustration only begins to describe it. With all the forms of communication we have out there are they really effective? We are tied to our crackberries, FaceSpace, and all the other forms of communication and we still cannot make sure everyone knows everything that is happening.

Yes I know you can bring a horse to water but you can't make it drink. But there are moments when I want to stuff its head down in the water....if I had a therapist I am sure that would have been disturbing.

What forms of communication do you all find works the best for your congregation. Is too much communication making people deaf? Is this a case of less is more?


Erin G said...

if someone misses church for the week, they're missing about 50% of the announcement. 100% if they're not on any social networking groups, it sounds like.

I still think a paper newsletter (or emailed version, if people who check email all the time want to opt out of the paper one) is the best way to communicate upcoming events. This is especially true in summer when every family isn't in worship as regularly (travel, etc).

I AM tied to facebook and my email and I am in church about 75% of sundays in the summer - but I still get 99% of the schedule/event info from my church out of our weekly newsletter (we get the emailed version).

DogBlogger said...

I think my local church is really losing out by not mailing to people anymore. Sure, we save postage, but we're also out of touch with people who think, "Oh, I'll open that email later," and then let it fall down to the bottom of their list and off their radar before it gets opened. I wonder if the postage we save is balanced out by the offerings we don't get because people find it easier to let church attendance slip their minds.

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