Monday, June 22, 2009

Horrible Rotten No Good Very Bad Father's Day

From the start the day was going to be bad and as the hours past it lived up to my wife and I's assumption. Here is a quick and clean version of what happened June 21st, 2009, Father's Day.

2:00 am - woke up with a constant cough and in ability to swallow well. This was a continuation of my swallowing problems I had since Thursday/Friday.
3:00 am - our daughter decides not so sleep well and wakes up for an early feeding.
5:00 am - finally decide to give going to sleep another chance...while sleep my throat closes up and I awake gasping for breath. I continue to do this for the next hour hoping it just go away.
6:00 am - give up and take a shower
6:45 am - our son wakes up and joins us in bed. He usually sleeps until 8ish.
7:00 am - sit down in front of computer to print off sermon and prayer. Computer frozen. When rebooting error message comes up saying Windows cannot load. (computer is the only place my sermon was!!!)
7:45 am - while running tests I decide to attempt to have eggs and toast for breakfast. Still cannot swallow well and end up throwing up what I ate and throwing the rest away.
8:00 am - after panic simmers and using my wife's laptop I figure out what to do and get my computer to load again, found sermon all is well.
10:10 am - two people show up for Sunday School, nothing new for the summer but still depressing.
11:00 am - with our pianist out and having to use UM Hymnal CDs, the worship has all the life sucked out of it before it even started.
11:20 am - had to yell at son during Children's Moment.
11:50 am - finish service, yes 10 minutes early, my throat is killing me, I'm exhausted from not sleeping
12:45 pm - get home and choke down chicken noodle soup and head out to Urgent Care to get throat looked at.
1:30 pm - get back home from Urgent Care and head back out for Urgent Care again, this time with wallet and insurance card.
2:00 pm - finally check into Urgent Care
3:56 pm - leave Urgent Care with prescription and a feeling it was a waste of my time. Doctor didn't know what was wrong with me. Wasted $35.
4:30 pm - get home and realized I forgot to send out a phone tree about the death in our congregation.
5:30 pm - head out to do phone tree and fill prescription with son. Find out pharmacy is closed and had to go to another one (filled out more paper work!)
6:30 pm - get home to find disappointed wife who burned the potatoes she was cooking for Father's Day meal to a crisp because of feeding daughter. I cook hamburgers on the grill.
7:10 pm - I give up on eating my hamburger after choking four times.
9:00 pm - attempt to make my wife a nice dessert, ruined it.
11:00 pm - finally think day is done, but didn't realize I would wake up every 30 minutes coughing up mucus.

I did receive some nice cards from my family and wonderful hugs and kisses from my kids.

FYI: I found out today after going to an ENT that I have LPR, good stuff for a person who makes a living on his voice, but with some good meds it should be just fine.

BTW today is going fine.


John Meunier said...

If this post deserves a "humor" tag, I'd hate to see a bad day.

Unknown said...

It was either laugh or cry...I'm looking back and laughing :)

Erin G said...

I'm glad you're laughing now. I was going to tell you this would be funny in ten years.

you yelled at dean during the children's message????

now that's just hilarious. sorry, but it is. :)

Wes S. said...

dude...that's a bad Sunday...

Unknown said...

Erin, yes I still have to play Dad and Preacher in children's moment, it comes with the territory. :)

Wes, yes, Alycia and I were praying for Monday to come and quick!