Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My DS Reads My Blog Along with Other People I Actually Know

I found out the other day, via email, that my District Superintendent reads my blog. She commented on the photo of my new daughter. I am on the conference list of blogs and I am finding out more and more that people, fellow clergy, are reading my musings. Also I threw out a reference to this blog in a sermon and now there are some parishioners who are reading this too.


Because of the revelation that people I know actually read what I write a question has been posed in my brain. Should I filter what i write and my thoughts about certain subjects, especially when it comes to the Western North Carolina Conference or the local church?

I have always been willing to be honest and I still think honesty is the best policy. But I will confess that this new found knowledge does change my thoughts about what to blog about. Now questions are popping into my brain. Is this post appropriate? Do I really want people to know this about me? Will this affect my relationship with people at church and my DS? They are there and I cannot ignore them.

Here is my promise, to all three of my readers. I promise I will continue to write about what is on my mind, heart and soul. I promise to do it so openly and honestly. I promise to be as transparent online as I am in person (maybe even more so online).

To my readers who know me personally, thank you for reading. I hope you see me the same after reading these posts as you do in person. This blog started as a Lenten discipline and has morphed into a place where I work through my thoughts, my sermons, my ideas, and my joys. This blog chronicles my adventures as I journey through Revland!

Would you change what you write on your blog if you knew who was reading it? Your friends? Your family? Your boss? Your peers?

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Rev. Daniel McLain Hixon said...

I know that some of my collegues read my blog, and though I still speak my mind, I also attempt to be delicate when the subject calls for it. Honesty is of course a commendable course in all speech - but we must also keep in mind that a blog is PUBLISHED honesty - it is not simply our private musings with our friends at some pub - it is available for the whole internet population to view and read and therefore reflects upon the church in a public way.
We are ambassadors.