Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Reflection

In my last appointment I met a man whom I have come to deeply respect. The respect comes from what he has done in his life and the humility he has done it with. The stories he tells will have you riveted to your seat and it is amazing what he has done in his life. I truly would love to record his life but he is too humble to do that.

Currently he is a local pastor in the UMC and works for free as the Minister of Visitation. Before then he had a congregation in the inner city of Charlotte, NC. There he was stabbed and kidnapped as he worked to clean up the neighborhood. He was able to get the liquor license revoked at a local store and scared away many 'bad people'. He had a reputation in that neighborhood for passing out food and find work for people.

He went into ministry after years in the furniture business and when I asked him why, he said he was paying God back. He never admitted this to me but I am pretty sure he feels guilty about everything he did in World War II. He was an Air Force pilot who flew missions from England over into Europe. When he tells his war stories, pay attention because they are few and far between. He told me times of flights he took and bombs he had dropped and enemies that fired back at him. He also told me that he was on the plane, if not flew the plane, that dropped the first atomic bomb in the desert in New Mexico in 1945. He said after the dropped the bomb they turned around to watch it hit, not knowing the affects it could have on their health. He still goes to regular checkups to this day.

On this Memorial Day I remember Bob who has done so much with his life. Not only through his service but also through his ministry. The world is a better place because of him and God Bless him.

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