Wednesday, May 27, 2009

God wants Communism?

I am preaching on Acts 4:32-37 this week during our capital campaign to raise money for a new roof and pay off debt. I chose this text because it demonstrates how the early church and believing communities worked. Reading this text though it looks like the Utopian Christian Community would be communism. At the basic levels makes sense. All are equal and we all work together sharing what we have because it is truly God's not ours.

Yet, there has never really been a Utopian Communist Government. The picture we have of Communism is one of corruption and concentrated power. How do we wrestle with this then? How do we feel knowing that the scripture doesn't mention anything about believing communities being a democracy? I am wondering if people will pick up on this during my sermon (I'm only hinting at it, not concentrating on it by any means).


Jack Hinnen said...

I preached this sermon several weeks ago, basically immediately after Easter as one of the best expressions of christian community.
IMHO, Its not communism, its the redefinition of the use of capitalism. Even in a communist government, Christianity would still have something to say about your non-possessions. :)

For the early church, ownership of something did not matter since everything belonged to God.
Regardless of whether the individual or the community "owned" the property/money it was used for those who needed it. Personally, I think this is scarier than communism. In the communist state, how your possessions are used is determined for you. In a Christian community, you have to be smart with your possessions (discernment)

Anyway, have fun with it! And don't be afraid to challenge people to be able to achieve the unity of the early church.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the clarification. God is scarier than communism because we know what happens when we have been given the right to discern...we are living through it!

Thanks for the comment.

William Dunigan said...
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