Thursday, April 16, 2009


Waiting is no fun. I confess I look for the shortest line in the grocery store. I attempt to do errands in the shortest time possible so my wait time has to be minimal. I really don't like waiting to ride roller coasters because you wait two hours for a two minute ride. The longest I have ever waited in line was at a Kroger in Durham after we got eighteen inches of snow and the city was shut down for almost two weeks. It took us an hour to check out, AN HOUR!

As Christians we are told to wait. We go through the course of the Christian year practicing. Four weeks of waiting for Christmas. Forty days of waiting for Easter. Those aren't hard for me because I know the date will come. Forty six days after Ash Wednesday we will celebrate Easter. December 25th will come, it always does. This is waiting I don't mind doing because the date is set and we are busy preparing.

This whole waiting for a child to be born is going to drive me crazy. Everything is ready, we are actually TOO ready. The birth plan is ready. Work schedules are clearing up. The nursery is ready. We have diapers, clothes, blankets, car seat in the car, bags in the car, and babysitters on call. Now all we have to do is wait. I truly feel bad for my wife who is so uncomfortable and all we can do is wait. Wait for nature to take its course. Or to finally give into the induction happy doctors. We wait, wait, and wait.

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