Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Wait is Almost Over

Any moment now my wife will go into labor. Any moment now will start the rush that happens when life comes out of a womb and into the world. Bags are packed. Babysitters and grandparents are ready. Everyone is waiting on baited breath.

This will be our second, a girl. It is projected that she will be as big has her brother, who came out at 8lb 11oz. We shall see. Tomorrow we go to the doctor and talk about stripping membranes in order to get this ball rolling.

It has been a different experience with this pregnancy than the first. With a first pregnancy everything is new and every milestone is amazing. I craved to know what fruit represented the size of the fetus inside my wife, this time, not that into it. Don't get me wrong I still think it is amazing to fell something alive move inside my wife but I have felt it before. I know that we will get through the delivery and that by this weekend, if not early next week, she will be home with us. I remember those days and I'm grateful for them. I guess what is keeping my mind busy is the fact that I'm taking paternity leave, one month away from my pastoral duties in order to tend to my father and husband duties instead. I'm busy making sure everything is ready there, so I can have my full attention here.

There have been differences. With Dean, I was excited about having a boy. I looked forward to playing catch and doing all the 'boy things' with him. Now that we are going to have a girl it is different. I am wrapped around her finger already. I can already tell she will be held close to my heart and I will crave to protect her for her entire life. It is something carnal I did not experience with my son, and I haven't even meet her yet. Tears well up in my eyes thinking about her dressed up for Easter or asking me to sit down for a tea party. I have to quickly think of something else when my mind goes to her first dance or walking her down the isle at her wedding. I'm having a girl and I love her so much already.

We have not named her yet. With our son we went to the hospital with a pool of names, Jack, Dean and Nathan were the top three. When we meet him it was obvious, he was a Dean. We have some picked out for her as well, Cooper, Campbell, Tatum, and Brook. What do you think? Which one should we pick? We are happy to hear opinions but when we look into her eyes we are sure she will tell us who she is.

I'm not sure how much posting I'll be doing although the hospital does have free internet. I'll post a picture soon and maybe a reflection or two. Until then I'll be busy crossing some T's and dotting some I's and being always ready...ready...ready...


Erin G said...

so excited for you! I like brook, but I think you're right, you'll know when you meet her. I didn't know Nathan was on your short list! (That's my son's name.)

I recently found out I'm expecting my second, and I am PRAYING for a girl, for all the reasons you mentioned and more. and I also don't care about the fruit size thing this time around. Too funny. I'm not surprised you have a protective carnal instinct with her, growing up with three younger sisters. You'll be good at the girl thing. :)

congrats ahead of time! hope everything goes well at the hospital!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your second! That is exciting. Thank you for your warm wishes, I'll pass those onto Alycia.