Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Home Church Made a Movie

It has been in the mix for a while and I have heard rumors of it through my and my wife's family who still attend University City UMC in Charlotte, NC. On March 30th they released The One Lamb in 31 states and in 100 theaters. It brought in $58,300 on it's opening weekend. Bill Fentum of the UM Portal is ready for a review and Charlotte's newspaper has written about it as well.

Being this is the church that launched my faith and supported me through ordination and beyond I have mixed feelings. I am not sure if I am proud or ready to cower in embarrassment. All I have seen is the preview on Tangle (which is below) and I haven't personally talked to anyone who has seen the movie yet. With that said it does look like it will battle with Facing the Giants and Fireproof for bad acting awards. Okay instead of bad let me say, amateur acting.

The other part that gets under my skin is a scene in the preview. The pastor is standing next to a tree with the main character in front of him. They are talking about the main character going to the doctor (I make the assumption it is about the cancer he has). The pastor looks at him and says, "It doesn't matter because before you were was already decided what that doctor was going to say to you in that room." HELLO!!!! What type of United Methodist theology is that? Being an ordained minister of the UMC and this being my home church, I am a little disturbed by that piece of theology.

With that said I am not passing judgment on the film quiet yet. With a baby #2 due any day and Easter and all the other junk happening right now, I'm not going to run out the theaters to see it, but when it comes out on video I will see it out of curiosity and personal obligation. I truly pray that it is a movie I can be proud my church created and not something I will shake my head at.



gavin richardson said...

he was the baptist minister that wanted to drink. so joined the methodist church

Bill Fentum said...

Good point, Jim. But I'll keep an open mind, if I do review it!

Erin G said...

how cool! I didn't know they made a movie! I cringed a little too, but I'll probably watch it, ueber-calvinist though it seems to be. bad acting doesn't bother me. I still love seventh heaven (don't judge, I know it's terrible but I can't get enough).

thanks for sharing!