Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Day is Done - THANK GOD!

What a day.

6:53 am: My phone wakes me up. My eyes try to make out the number but before I can do that I answer. It's my mother-in-law (already not a great morning). She is surprised to hear my voice because for the 107th time she has called my cell phone instead of my wife's phone. But this time I am glad she did. Yesterday she went to the doctor and they admitted her into the hospital with heart issues. She may have had a heart attack but after a heart cauterization today, we find out one of her arteries was 99% blocked but the doctors were able to get a stent in and she is doing fine. My wife is worried and the 'fun' in dysfunctional is taken up a notch on that branch of the family tree.

9:07 am: With my son at pre-school I head to a local restaurant for some breakfast with parishioners. Good french toast and okay coffee. Good conversation.

10:43 am: My 10:30 appointment shows up and reminds me I hate tardiness (which makes me sound like an old crotchety man). He tells me what projector our sanctuary could uses and tells me he will send me a proposal.

1:23 pm: Lunch. Mother-in-law doing fine, son, wife, and baby to be taking a nap, I catch up on a show and take a five minute siesta.

2:38 pm: Type out a proposal for Trustee Meeting and read email. Receive proposal for projector and shoot that around to a couple of people to see what they think.

3:30 pm: Son, wife, and baby to be are up. Play with son.

5:59 pm: Sitting down to dinner and trying to convince a 2.5 year old 'poor man's beef stroganoff" is good. Successful!

6:25 pm: While getting ready for Trustee Meeting get phone call from Trustee member who received projector proposal. He tells me the proposal was written by idiots who wouldn't know what do to with a flashlight in a dark room (clean version). This should be a fun conversation later.

6:33 pm: Trustee meeting starts and we have some good discussion on some future plans for the church. Ends with a happy results.

7:22 pm: Have fun conversation. Get lectured on the ins and outs of A/V equipment and what we really need. I knew this was coming but sometimes a fire has to be lite under the right person to get stuff to actually happen.

7:48 pm: Get home, get son in jammies, and in bed. Make some phone calls checking in on some other people. Hear mother-in-law is doing okay still and are able to laugh at the 'fun' branch with wife.

8:53 pm: Plop down on coach and ready to veg. Absolutely nothing on TV, end up watching the Food Network.

11:00 pm: Start night routine, turning off lights, feeding cats, brushing teeth.

11:11 pm: Phone rings. Learn that a parishioner found his 91 year old father dead on the floor of his house. Kiss wife good night, get dressed again, and head to the house to be with family. I walked by the body as the paramedics remove him from the house. The house smells like burnt egg because the father died before he finished cooking his dinner. The family is in the back room still stunned. He was old and not in great health but it was still so very unexpected. I listen. We pray. I listen and comfort. I hug and say goodbye and tell them, "Get some rest even if you can't sleep. You all are in my prayers." I head back home.

12:32 am: Kiss wife goodnight, again. Go to computer to unwind. The day is done and tomorrow is here. May this day bring peace and joy.

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