Thursday, March 12, 2009

Church Sign

This church's sign makes me shake my head every time I pass it. This day was like all the others.


Erin G said...

I think there's a whole blog out there devoted to funny (head-shakable) church signs.

The one at the entrance to my neighborhood says "our church is prayer-conditioned."


I once heard someone call this "bumper-sticker christianity" and I think that's a pretty good name for it!

Unknown said...

Yes, there is a blog, Crummy Church Signs. I have posted a couple on there but wanted to post this one on my blog. Not a huge fan of 'bumper-sticker Christianity', it makes somethings that are complicated too simple.

Erin G said...

I agree jimmie! the God I know and love and respect is full of mystery and is WAY too complicated to be boiled down into a cutesy saying! :)

Trying to consolidate the meaning of God into a rhyming slogan of sorts would kind of defeat the purpose of HAVING FAITH and struggling with it for the last two centuries, don't you think?!

Rev. Jeremy Smith said...


Rev J, any chance of going to full-text feeds in your RSS feed? I enjoy reading your blog in the methoblog feed, but would like to not have to click to read it in my daily grind!

Unknown said...

There you go, full feed and all.

Rev. Jeremy Smith said...

And here I am visiting the site anyway to comment! :-)

Thanks for your hospitality!