Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wait to Celebrate Christmas

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and we were venting to one another about how Christmas was too busy this year. We both have young children and congregations and the responsibility that comes with all that this time of the year. From Thanksgiving on we both, in our separate lives, doing the same thing, preaching about preparing and peace but not finding any in the hectic schedules and demanding work of Advent.

Ken Carter has a great post about his Christmas experience this year and urges his fellow clergy...
why not consider moving much of your Christmas experience to January 6, disconnecting it from your liturgical role on December 24, and using the intervening days to re-engage with both the season, family and friends?

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Erin G said...

my church coir does this. we have so much going on in december, so much music to learn in the fall, that it's easy to forget what we're singing about ... I imagine pastors have it even worse! anyway we always celebrate together, as a choir, on Ephiphany... once 'the season' is kind of over and we're more relaxed. it's a great tradition, allows us to reflect on the season and each other and fellowship without the duties that come with it. I've never thought about doing this with my family though. I clearly don't have as much going on in december as you do!!