Monday, January 19, 2009

Proud Brother

I got my sister's final update on her first marathon in Florida. She is in the one in the middle, her husband to the left and her mother-in-law to the right. Here is her email.

Race Update

We did it! We successfully completed the marathon and what an experience! I had the pleasure of running every step of the way with my mother-in-law, Kim. It was such a blessing to share this experience with her. We encouraged and pushed one another the whole way.

Final Times:

Kim & Me: 5:06:17

Dan: 4:32:52

Thank you to all who were able to donate to my fundraising. You have touched my life and I am so grateful for your support. Without you, this would be meaningless. Together we’ve worked to make a difference. Take a look at the Team in Training statistics from this event below and keep in mind – you are a part of this victory!

26 Western North Carolina participants raised over $101,500

1800 Team in Training participants raised over $7 million

And to think that this is just ONE event! It is amazing how people contribute and these numbers

prove that every penny counts and helps!

Many have asked and the answer is yes – we are doing another marathon on June 27th in

Seattle. Who knows, we might even do the Charlotte Thunder Road in Dec. J

These ribbons are a promise that we will never forget those who have lost the battle, encourage and support those who continue the fight, praise God for those who have triumphed, and continue our efforts to do what we can to make a difference.

Since he was my inspiration to continue with Team in Training, Grandpa is now the keeper of my first marathon medal.

Again, thank you for taking this journey with me. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by your generosity and support. Never stop fighting for what you believe in. You are making a difference!

God Bless!

Jodie Strong

Since September 1, 2008 I’ve run a total of 306.92 miles!


Erin G said...

yaaaaay jodie!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim! Love you!