Friday, January 9, 2009

Good Podcasts?

I've started walking now, attempting to everyday. Yes, New Year's resolution. I like to walk though while listening to something, preferably talk radio, like NPR. Yet searching through some podcasts I thought this would be a good time to hear good preaching as well, stuff to make me think (so I don't concentrate on what I am doing). I searched sermons, preaching, Christian stuff on iTunes and low and behold the stuff that is the most popular is a bunch of crap.

Prosperity preachers and fundamentalists abound.

HELP...what are some good podcasts to get or who would you recommend I listen to?

Also, why is it bad theology is so popular in main stream media? Where is the TV station/radio station/mp3 sites that actually plays good sermons with good theology?


Jack Hinnen said...

Personally, I think Christian radio and typical Christian media panders to a specific sub-culture among Christians. Kinda like whats happened with emergent material.

But with that said, its just a matter of finding the good stuff. And honestly I only have willimon and adam hamilton on my podcasts (with a spattering of howstuffworks and npr assortments)

If you find some great preachers, please pass them along.

Anonymous said...

I remember getting a couple of Len Sweet podcasts once. They were talks he gave at some conference. If I can find them, I'll tell you where you can run them down.

I like John Ortberg's stuff, but I'm not sure if it downloads as podcasts.