Sunday, June 1, 2008

Where are Bloggers?

I have noticed that two very consitant bloggers have gone silent. Come to the Waters, John M.'s, blog has now been deleted...where did he go. Before that happened he sent out a post telling us that one of the best bloggers, LOcusts & Honey's Johnathan, was going through something but didn't reveal it. That blog has been silent for almost a month now, very unusual.

My prayers are with these bloggers and I miss their posts. If anyone knows where they have gone to or circumstances that lead to their silence, please let me know.

John and Johnathan, you all are in my prayers, Peace of Christ be with you.


Theresa Coleman said...

You can email John the Methodist -- He's doing some holy work/ discernment work.

I found John the other at Prarie Chapel UMC's wordpress. I don't know why he changed blognames.

Unknown said...

Thanks mommy.

Andrew C. Thompson said...

I have wondered the same thing about both those blogs. I had recently discovered John Meunier's blog and was really enjoying it.

I'm glad to hear that about John the Methodist at Locusts & Honey. He may have the most popular blog in the Methoblogosphere at this point, and I've missed reading it a lot. I hope his discernment is going well and is Spirit-led.