Monday, June 9, 2008

Send email and files POST RAPTURE!

On my way home from Annual Conference I was able to listen to Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, one of my favorite NPR shows. During one segment they asked a person to pick out the true web/tech story. The two false ones were, a program that made teens take a pop quiz before getting on the Internet and the other was a chip implanted into children's ears that allowed parents to talk directly to them and included a GPS device.

The one that was true really was scary and funny. You can now go to You've Been Left Behind and upload information that this company will send you once three of its Top Christians don't log in for three days. Yes after three days of not logging in the program then sends out information to those left behind. Information such as, where key documents are located, a last chance to evangelize to friends and family not with you in heaven, or an email mooning with Na, na, na, na, na as the caption. And all this for $40 a year! Talk about CHEAP!

I cannot believe, no...wait...yes...I can believe that this actually exists. I am not sure if this is someone who actually has a firm faith in the rapture or is trying to capitalize and make money on the three people actually willing to buy into this. I know the Left Behind books were a big hit but this, well seems a little bit of a stretch. Or maybe I'm just mad I didn't think of it.

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