Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Annual Conference

Today I am taking the family and heading up the mountain to Lake Junaluska. Home of the Southeastern Jurisdiction and Western North Carolina's Annual Conference. It promises to be a hot conference, it always is. Hot not in topics or petitions, although I am sure there will be some controversy, but hot in temperature. Annual Conference meets in the non-air conditioned Stuart Auditorium.

Ken Carter has a great post about this unique place. I agree with his interpretation of conference, 1/3 meeting, 1/3 worship, 1/3 family reunion. I am excited about catching up with friends and fellow clergy. Showing off our son and seeing other people's new off spring. There are some important retirements happening this year, so this conference is momentous occasion to celebrate long careers of our present bishop and conference secretary. I'm also looking forward to ducking out and heading to Western Carolina University, my wife's Alma Mater, to see the changes in that campus, to going swimming in the hotel pool, and to taking some time to enjoy my family in God's wonderful creation.

I am not sure if I will be able to blog or not from conference. I'll attempt maybe to write a thing or two. Off to the mountains I go...

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Jonathan Marlowe said...

I'm sitting in section 3 of Stewart auditorium as I type this. Where do you sit?