Friday, May 30, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

One of my parishioner's cousins was in a serious incident and past away last week. After two weeks of living in the hospital under a drug induced coma he slipped from this world unto the next. He and his wife had been going through a rough patch and they were separated. One night during what looked like a heated debate he was shot in the stomach with a shotgun. The wife told the police he did it to himself. Maybe it was out of grief or to call her bluff. They checked him for GSR and it came back positive.

The doctor's could not close up his wounds because he literally did not have skin to pull together to stitch. For the last two weeks of his life he laid in the hosptial bed with this ambdomen wide open. Finally organs started to fail. The doctors woke him up from his coma and his family said goodbye. The police had some questions as well. According to my parshioners he was able to tell them that he didn't do this to himself.

Last week the family said goodbye at his funeral. During the visitation before the service people approached the casket and some people placed objects into the casket for rememberance purposes. His wife placed a photo of him and her in western wear and a shotgun in his hand. My parishioner told me, "I know their redneck, but it was everything we could do to stop my aunt from taking her out back and giving her a beaten!"

That's been on my mind all can't make this stuff up...


DogBlogger said...

Wait, wait, wait... was there a shotgun in his hand *in the photo* or did she put a shotgun in the casket with him?

(or both?)

Unknown said...

Sorry...the shotgun was in his hand IN the PHOTO!

She did not put a shotgun in his hand in the casket...I think if she did some people might have pulled it out and used it!

Theresa Coleman said...

Lord have mercy.