Wednesday, May 7, 2008

American Idol Predictions - Top 4

I am now ready for them to crown the next American Idol and get on with all the other summer reality TV crap that is out there. Last night's performance was good by Syesha and David A. David C. was "just okay, it was alright." And Jason hung himself. I really hope his blue eyes will not keep him in for another week. Vote for the Worst, now called Vote for the Stoned has encouraged everyone to vote for him but we shall see. It is simply painful to watch and it is only getting worser and worser. (that is my homage to watching too much Veggie Tales with my son)

I am predicting Jason will go home. I still cannot stand the next American Idol, David A. I love what Just You Watch says about him (a great pop culture TV Blog).

"I hate that everything he sings sounds exactly the same: like a Marvin Gaye song as interpreted by The Wiggles. I hate the way he makes sexy-time with the camera to try to hide the fact that he has the personality of a curtain rod. I hate that the audience seems to think it's adorable when he gets that "I-think-I'm-gonna-pee-my-pants" look on his face after every compliment from the judges."
That is hilarious.
On another note, American Idol has also reached the Theolog. This is a nice article here about their use of Shout to the Lord during "Idol Gives Back While Raking it In." Here is where you can watch and judge for yourself.

I am not looking forward to the next two weeks, it will be painful to watch but I will because I have sucker writen on my forehead and how could I continue to complain if I didn't watch.

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