Sunday, April 20, 2008

Preach it brother! Preach it! FOX News Owned

This video is amazing and brilliant, on your feet thinking. If anyone knows who this "father" is please let me know. He does a great job talking about and facing head on the spinning, misquoting, and bashing that J. Wright has had over the last couple of months.

This video also got me thinking, and scared me. There was another preacher who called out his country on the horrible things it did. He called them out on their treatment other races and the poor. He couldn't stand by while his country fed his people lies and he paid the price. Dietrich Bonheoffer stood up against Nazi Germany and paid for it with his life.

DON'T GET ME WRONG, I am not calling the USA another Nazi Germany. My main question that keeps popping into my head is are we as a country heading down a path similar. Where people are punished for calling out our injustices? Will people be belittled for demanding we as a country say we are sorry? That scares me. It makes me worried that we are heading down a road that leads to a very dark place.

I hope there are more people like this minister who are willing to stand up for those standing up. Preach it Father, preach it. HT: Hacking Christianity

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