Monday, April 28, 2008

Obama's Email

I received this email today from the people who are leading the charge for Obama. I thought it was interesting, enjoy.

April 28, 2008


You’ve seen the debates, read the policies, and heard the promises
and campaign sound bites. But when you step into that voting booth on North
Carolina’s primary Election Day on Tuesday, May 6th, 2008, you’ll have a chance
to vote your heart. Because at the end of the day, this election is about the
values we believe in as well as policies we

I’ve learned a little something about values along the way. My
grandparents – a grandfather who fought in Patton’s army and a grandmother who
traces her roots back to Revolutionary War patriots – taught me the importance
of loving my country, of hard work and sacrifice. My mother, in her kind
and earnest way, taught me the value of the Golden Rule, and of recognizing the
beauty in every living soul.

One of the most important experiences
shaping my values was when I found Jesus Christ over twenty years ago. I
learned then that through grace my sins could be washed away, and also that the
way we treat our fellow man isn’t just about our civic responsibility - it’s our
moral responsibility. And even today, through the eyes of my two young daughters
and the love and friendship of my wife Michelle, I’m constantly reminded of the
need to stand up for families and do whatever it takes to make sure the next
generation is even stronger than the

These are some of the principles that have shaped me from my first job as a
faith-based community organizer to my work today as a United States
Senator. And they’re some of the values that will guide me as president.
We may not agree on every issue, but I believe that we can come together
around our shared values – American Values.

I recently participated in a forum on faith and values issues called the
“Compassion Forum.” I took questions from leaders like Rev. Dr. Frank Page,
President of the Southern Baptist Convention; Rev. Samuel Rodriguez of the
National Hispanic Christian Leadership Council; Rev. Richard Cizik of the
National Association of Evangelicals; and Dr. David Gushee, Professor of
Christian Ethics at Mercer University. They were probing questions but
important ones, and I was glad to be a part of this conversation.

I invite you to watch these questions and answers on the Internet.
You can find the videos here:

Dr. Frank Page (Abstinence and
Rev. Samuel Rodriguez (Abortion):
Dr. David Gushee (Torture):
Rev. Richard Cizik (Environment):

I have also spoken extensively about my own Christian journey, the controversy
with my former pastor, the issues we’re facing as a country, and what we can do
to come together and change our nation. You can find all of these speeches
on my website at:

I hope you’ll
take the time to learn more about me, my family and my candidacy and “kick the
tires” a little bit. In the end, I hope that you will find me qualified to
serve as your next President.

Now, the cynics will say we can’t do
it. They’ll call me too liberal for conservatives, or too moderate for
liberals. They’ll question my sincerity, my family and even my

But we haven’t come this far by listening to the cynics or
to false rumors. So what we’re going to do is pray for them and keep
working. Working to bring jobs back to North Carolina. Working to
support our troops and our veterans. Working to bring health care to all
Americans. Working for American Values. And to the cynics we’ll
simply say -- Yes, we can.

I hope you’ll join Michelle and me on
this journey. The North Carolina primary is on Tuesday, May 6th and I
would be honored to have your support. I also hope you’ll spread the word
about my candidacy, my values and what I represent. You can sign up
to support me at:
or by calling (919) 828-0080.

But regardless of who you support in
this election, I wish the best for you and your family, and I ask that you keep
me, my family and my campaign in your prayers.


Barack Obama

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