Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Denominational Challenge - THE FINALS


In unbelievable fashion David has defeated Goliath. The United Methodists who got to the finals after a slow but methodical win over the Southern Baptists. The connectionalism of the UMCs was in full force and there was plenty of team work that wore down the autonomous at heart SBs. The Non-Denominationals got to the finals to the finals after a long battle with the Roman Catholics. The Pope pulled out all the stops but it couldn’t contain the passion the Non-Denom Phenoms held. The fact that it was announced that Muslims have taken over the #1 spot as the largest religious group really hurt the ego of the Roman Catholics who have held onto that #1 spot for almost a millennium.

The stage was set for the United Methodist to take on the Non-Denominationals. The United Methodists put up a united front and with the courage and dedication that a General Conference year brings, they met their opponent head on. This holy conferenceing would lead to their undoing for the UMCs though. It seemed that the radical center is hard to hold together than they thought and once major topics arose divisions were seen. The Non-Denominationals though were able to hold on because they are not really a denomination to begin with. They could disagree with each other’s theology because they were not accountable to one another. This allowed them to step on all sides of issues and take no ‘official stance’ as Non-denominational congregations. In this realitive truth society, this proved to be the 4 point play that put the game away.

Congrats to the Non-Denominationals, the Non-Denom Phenoms. May you enjoy your title for the 11 months before the madness begins again.

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