Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Denominational Brackets - Final Four

The final four are set. Three number ones made it along with an astonishing win from the Non-Denom Phenoms, as they are being called now in the media. The UMC handed the Eastern Orthodox a major can of AMEN. It was a battle of liturgy and worship. The UMC threw everything at the Eastern Orthodox who stuck with their time tested and High Church style. It was then that the UMC ignited a firestorm by showing their TV commercials that included everyone. This made the EO go to their bench but their realized that the only people they excepted were those who believed in the truth (their truth that is, which defines their denomination, or at least orthodox).

The South Baptist likewise made quick work of the “Whiskicopalians” stating that they were conceived out of the sin of a King. The Episcopal could not find the answer to that one and they soon were looking at too high a deficient to climb back on top.

The Roman Catholics trained hard for this rematch with the Lutherans. Although the Lutherans hung tight with their Sola Scriptura theme, the RC were too much for them in the end. The Pope came out with a vengeance and laid down the law on the Lutherans with demonstrations of the world wide phenomenon that is the RC denomination.

And the only number one seed to lose this year was the Independent Baptists. They tried to hold it together against the Non-Denom Phenoms but the NDs were too strong. The IBs went to a man on man defense which suited their trend of being autonomous. It played well with the NDs since they think the same too. Both teams seemed to be a bunch of single players out there for themselves. It wasn’t until the NDs realized they were MORE autonomus than the Baptists because they weren’t part of a Convention or had any type of regular denomination in their name that they took the lead, held it and are going to the Final Four.

This year there are a ton of mainliners and the dark horse. Who will win, put your two cents in and come back for the results.

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