Wednesday, April 2, 2008

American Idol Predictions

Alright, I suck at this but who cares its still fun. Here are my thoughts about last night. I think no one really liked singing Dolly Parton's songs and plus there were no boob jokes, it was a disgrace! There was the introduction of the Jesus cruse last night too. Castro and Archuleta both referenced Jesus in their songs which means they will not win. America doesn't vote for people who sing about Jesus. It is simply a truth and poor David A.'s dad will be upset that he will not be the next American Idol. The weakest performance last week was once again Ramiele and she will be going home tonight. Those who will be hitting the chopping block soon is Castro and Syesha, so they should get ready and pack their bags. The front runner of course is David Cook and plus he has new haircut. My wife can finally be quiet about his stupid hair now! There you go, America feel free to prove me wrong like you have EVERY week but trust me the Jesus Cruse is real and Jason and David A. will be going home eventually! One more rant. Syesha, hasn't American Idol contestants learned by now you cannot sing Whitney or Celine. The only two people that can sing those songs are Whitney and Celine. Celine can sing a Whitney song and Whitney can do Celine but outside those two, NO ONE CAN DO IT. SO STOP TRYING! You are only getting yourself in trouble! There I'm done and I feel better now. Until next week, when I predict wrongly, bubye.

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