Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol Perdiction - Top 5

Well lets face it, American Idol is beginning to suck. I hate to say it but it is true. The contestants have not done well over the last couple of weeks and I agree with Theoden Janes, who says it is because of the lack of material. I’m not going to go into the theory that the show is rigged because of the brilliance of Abdul, you can watch that below and make up your own mind.

I’ll stick with the performance. I will not watch this show if I did not TiVo it. I don’t watch it because then I cannot fast forward Jason Castro. The man puts me to sleep every week. I may by his CD if I want my child to fall asleep faster. Brooke’s Believer song was too painful to watch, I had to turn my head, although she did better on her second song. Syesha did well again but I don’t think she is popular enough to hang in there, although she is the token black girl now. David A. is still annoying although I think he will win it all now. He will win because American Idol is ruled by the irritating little girls on the front row with no concept of rhythm. David C. is good, ugly but good. His hair is going back to “just liked by a horse” look.

I apologies for my negativity but I’m really disappointed with the ‘most talented cast ever.’

My pick for who is going home, Brooke, but it will probably be Syesha. I can only dream of David A. or Jason C.

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