Monday, April 28, 2008

Am I a Racist Test

Neatorama had an interesting post about a test from University of Chicago. It is a simple test. After being shown a series a backgrounds a white or black man comes onto the screen and is either armed or unarmed. You have two choices, to holster your gun or shoot. Although the test seemed to drag on a bit it did provide some interesting stats.

Here are my stats:
Score 395
Time it took me to shoot an armed black man 734.04 ms, armed white man 729.04. This means I shot white men faster. Time it took me to holster my gun while looking at an unarmed black man 902.44, unarmed white man 819.72. This means I took longer ot holster my gun when faced with an unarmed black man.

What I learned really didn't tell me if I was racists or not, or it told me I not, I don't quiet get it. The point of the game really boiled down to me looking at what the person was holding and it was then when I realized if it was a black or white man. I would take this as I am not a racist.

It also tells me that the job of our law enforcement officers is really difficult and I don't evy them. I killed a couple of innocent people and was killed by a couple of people holding guns. I don't want to get into a situation like that in real life.

Take the test here and let me know your reactions.


Eric Helms said...

Your Score: 320
Average reaction time:
Black Armed:635.8ms
Black Unarmed:756.04ms
White Armed:708.8ms
White Unarmed:798.52ms

The result suggest that I responded quicker with blacks whether they were armed or unarmed. It took me longer to make the decision either way when the person was white--I'm not sure what that means. I know that I was shot by both white and black men, and I know that I shot in error both white and black men. In self-reflection I felt like it didn't matter to me whether the person was white or black. The one consistent I found was that I got better towards the end. Maybe I will take the test a few times to see if the results are consistent. Interesting test following the Shawn Bell ruling in NY.

Anonymous said...

Game Over
Your Score: 615
Average reaction time:
Black Armed:671.24ms
Black Unarmed:771.52ms
White Armed:699.72ms
White Unarmed:735.84ms

Not sure what to make of this "score." I've got a problem with the idea that you "shoot" anyone just because they are holding a handgun. It reminds me of to many video games that desensitized one to "kill" someone who might be a threat.