Wednesday, April 9, 2008

6 Degrees of YouTube

For a fun little game I have taken a page out of the old game, 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. This is an easy game to play. Simply go to a blog that has a link to a YouTube video posted. At the end of the video YouTube offers some other videos to watch next. Pick one. Then at the end of that one, pick another. Do this six times and see how far YouTube's can take you.

For example:
Gavin posted a Homey the Clown video.
Then I went to Jim Carrey as Rocky, to CSI Jim Carrey, to CSI Miami - Endless Caruso One Liners, to Funny CSI, to Is He Cheating? Use CSI to Find Out, to How to Shave Your Own Back.

It is just that simple, Homey to personal back shaving. The 6 Degrees of YouTube!

1 comment:

simplyeddie said...

hmmmm.....from Homey the Clown to How to Shave your back??? sounds like you almost came full circle! I'll have to check out your idea!