Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom Trailer

WOW, Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Looks way too cool!


Joseph said...

I don't know.
The one thing that kinda turned me off is hearing Jackie Chan and Jet Li speaking in English. To one another. Outside the presence of the "foreigner."
It seems like the whole forbidden city of China knows how to speak English just for the sake of that one English speaker...

But I'm just being nit-picky.
I look forward to the new Indy movie, Iron Man movie and the Dark Knight.

I think I'll just queue Forbidden City on my netflix when it comes out on DVD.

I just realized I was a huge downer for your post.
I apologize.


Unknown said...

I understand your position that it is not too authentic when they speak english in the Forbidden City. Yet, we do have to also realize that they cannot flip seven times in the air and land on both feet, after kicking eight people and dodging a sword or nine.

Don't fret about being a downer, I'm happy you left a comment.