Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Brotherhood/Sisterhood of WNCC

The Rev. Dr. Arnetta Beverly is Western NC Conference Director of Connectional Ministries and in the current issue of the WNCC e-NEWS she has a great article about the Brotherhood/Sisterhood. At the time of death of a participiant an amount of money is sent to the spouse/beneficiary to help defray costs of the funeral. I think this is a great group set up in our conference. Here is what Dr. Beverly says...

Upon learning of the death of a Brotherhood/Sisterhood clergy member, a
check in the amount of $9,500 is immediately taken to the surviving spouse or
designated beneficiary. This provides immediate financial assistance to the
family of the deceased clergy member and at the same time assures the family of
our continued love and gratitude for their ministry and service.

Clergy are asked to pay $8 per call (death notice) and the laity are invited to pay $3 per call. Annual payments of $112 and $42 respectively may also be made based on an average of 14 calls per year.

Do other conferences out there have similar plans? Click here for more information.

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