Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brain Scientist has a Stroke of Insight

After my post about my grandfather did its rounds in my family my aunt sent me this link. It is a 19 min. video of brain scientist, Jill Bolte Taylor, who is able to analyze a stroke. The catch is it is her that is having the stroke. It is an amazing talk and if you have a spare 20 minutes today, watch it.

Within her talk she gets right up close to admitting there is a God. She has her nose up against the glass but pulls back to describe, what I would call a God experience, something else. Still, she presents and tells her story extremely well and you are gripped by her passion and pain.

This video got me thinking about my grandfather who has Alzheimer's. I wonder if he is flowing backing into place where he feels he is part of a great expanse? I wonder if in his brain he is actually at peace? I wonder if, as Jill describes, he has given up his soul to the greater feeling of peace? If so, we see him as being trapped in his body. He might see himself as going in and out of being face to face with God.

Funny thing to add: when my aunt sent my wife the email she forgot to send the link the first time!

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