Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Assess Your Leadership

In John C. Maxwell's book Developing the Leaders Around You, he gives 25 questions a person should ask about a leader or potential leader. I have currently started using these questions to look at the quality of my lay leadership. I think as the year progresses these questions will become vital for filling the gaps in my leadership for the church. Within the next two years I will need to name a new Administrative Council Chair and Pastor Parish Relations Chair. Both of these are vital to the life of the church. I am also in search for a leader for a Stewardship Team and of course, every year, Trustees Chair.

I have never really assessed my leaders’ skills before but it is eye opening. I think there is three ways this can be done. One way is that I answer these questions about that person. Two, the Lay Leadership Team fills it out as a group. Finally, I ask the person to fill it out for me. Each way provides a wonderful look at the leadership potential of a person.

Here are the 25 questions from John Maxwell’s book, (pg.40-42). Simply rate each questions on a scale of 0 = Never, 1=Seldom, 2=Sometimes, 3=Usually, 4=Always.

1. The person has influence.
2. The person has self-discipline.
3. The person has a good track record.
4. The person has strong people skills.
5. The person has the ability to solve problems.
6. The person does not accept the status quo.
7. The person sees the big picture.
8. The person has the ability to handle stress.
9. The person displays a positive spirit.
10. The person understands people.
11. The person is free of personal problems.
12. The person is willing to take responsibility.
13. The person is free from anger.
14. The person is willing to make changes.
15. The person has integrity.
16. The person is growing closer to God.
17. The person has the ability to see what has to be done next.
18. The person is accepted as a leader by others.
19. The person has the ability and desire to keep learning.
20. The person has a manner that draws people.
21. The person has a good self-image.
22. The person has a willingness to serve others.
23. The person has the ability to bounce back when problems arise.
24. The person has the ability to develop other leaders.
25. The person takes initiative.

After answering all the questions you tally the points. Here is the scale that Maxwell uses to find good leaders and potential leaders (pg. 42-43)

90-100 = Great leader (should be mentoring other good and great leaders)
80-89 = Good leader (must keep growing and keep mentoring others)
70-79 = Emerging leader (focus on growth and begin mentoring others)
60-69 = Bursting with potential (excellent person to be developed)
Below 60 = Needs growth (may not be ready to be mentored as a leader)

This is a wonderful way to look at your laity and discover new leaders. This is also a way to assess the real leadership character of your present leaders. If a church is going to grow and thrive it truly needs GREAT leadership beyond the minister. If your committees/ministry teams are not thriving under their current leadership, it is YOUR job as pastor and CHAIR of the Lay Leadership Committee to make changes for growth to happen. It is a big task but this guide can help.

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simplyeddie said...

I've read some of Maxwell's leadership stuff, it's good! Thanks for sharing this idea.