Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol Prediction

Okay, I think I might suck at this type of thing. I still think Kristy Lee will sing her last song. But here is a little rant about this years contestants. Yes, the judges have stated over and over again that they are all individuals and all have their unique style, but it is getting kind of repetitive and predictable now. Amanda will sing some rock song and stay on four or five notes. David Froguleta (that is what I call him because he sticks his tongue out at least 6-10 a song to lick his lips) will sing a slow and passionate song. Dread-boy, David, will sing a sappy quiet song. Carley will sing a ballad. David will attempt to be a rock star.

Last night show stunk and out all the stickiness I think Kristy Lee will be going home. Hey, if I keep putting her as my pick I'll have to get it right at least once!

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