Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl, Super Movie

Alycia and I have been Deanfree since Saturday and so we decided to take advantage of his time away to go on a date. We thought that Super Bowl night would be the ideal time to do this. Sure enough we were right. We went to Outback and were seated immediately, a miracle in itself for Outback. Then we went to go see Juno because of all the rave reviews from critics and the blogworld (here, here). It lived up to all our expectations and more. That darn song is even still stuck in our head, "Here is the church and here is the steeple, we're sure cute for a couple ugly people."

What was nice was I was able to get home and watch the game on my TiVo. I zoomed through the early plays, stopped to watch the commercials (by the way the singing stain was my favorite), and then watched the all important last three minutes. Sure I didn't get into the game but I never do if I am the only one watching it. This was a great time to spend with my wife and then enjoy the game, all in one. I highly recommend Super Bowl Date Night!

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gavin richardson said...

i saw the juno soundtrack at the store the other day, was tempted to buy it cause i just loved the music. but alas, had already spent quite a bit money that day... on more books.. wife wouldn't have been all that happy.