Saturday, February 16, 2008

Engage the Suffering

I reflect and my heart aches for the suffering around the world.

  • An estimated 5.5 million people have died in war in the Republic of the Congo making it the deadliest war since World War II. As a mode of warfare they brutally rape women with items like bottles, sticks and other foreign objects. These women are then rejected by their husbands and some will lose all ability to live a life with dignity. (learn more here & a report from NBC's Today Show here)

  • Food prices have soared in Haiti and the poorest of the poor have resorted to eating mud to fill their bellies. (here and here)

  • Almost 1 in 5 people are infected with HIV and AIDS in South Africa and Zambia. HIV and AIDS is losing media coverage here in America is still a strong and powerful killer elsewhere in the world. (pictures here and here)

  • In the US, 35.5 million people lived in households considered to be food insecure. Of these 35.5 million, 22.9 million are adults (10.4 percent of all adults) and 12.6 million are children (17.2 percent of all children). This is not a foreign country, this is the country we live in, the one which consumes more resources than any other country in the world and WE have people going hungry! (here and here)

  • There are places where you can go and rent a child as your own sex slave and they call it tourism.

These are my neighbors. These are fellow children of God. These are people who have names, family, friends, and who suffer do to our sinful world. As I sit in my beautiful and comfortable parsonage, drinking my diet caffeine free coke and eating animal crackers, my heart aches for these are my neighbors whom I am supposed to love as myself.

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