Monday, February 18, 2008

Give Bush Credit and then Take it Away

I decided to watch Ann Curry’s interview with President Bush this morning because I was looking for some light into his presidency beyond the war in Iraq and the other heavily covered issued. I was pleasantly surprised. Bush started off saying that he believed that for those who have been given much, much is required. Then he said, “This nation has been given a lot, and we’re required. Malaria is a disease that can be stopped. HIV/AIDS is a disease that can be arrested.” I was on the field with him on this. We have been blessed with a lot and in turn we should bless others.

I like this president. I enjoyed his sense of humanitarianism. He told touching story about a boy he just met who was in the hospital with malaria. And because of taxes payers here in America, that boy will survive and be able to go home. I had a moment to be a proud American. WE HELPED SOMEONE ELSE AND DIDN’T WANT ANYTHING IN RETURN (well that is what it seemed at least). YEAH AMERICA!!!

Ann then quoted that George W. Bush has had the greatest impact on Africa of any US President. I thought that was great too. The impact he has had wasn’t because of bombs blowing up. I wanted to hear more about this. How has the US helped those sick and impoverished? How were my taxes spent to help others instead of kill and destroy? I wanted to hear more; instead Ann turned this uplifting interview away from our positive impact back to the media driven dead horse topics, the war, the election, and the economy. Why Ann, WHY? Why could you not have simply given the American people hope? Nope, you had to play the media card and try and make a name for yourself by asking the ‘hard’ questions. You should of let us enjoy the moment, with the African landscape behind you all. Enjoying the fact that America and do something good in the world. (By the way if you watch the video (here) you will see that the positive part of the interview lasts only 3 minutes out of almost 9. Is that Bush’s fault, though he does pull the conversation back into the war later, NOPE it is all Ann.)

I give Bush credit. It seems like he has done a lot to help the continent of Africa and I praise him for that. I am happy that he done what he has done and I am sorry that we will remember him for the war instead.

Yet once I want to give him credit he opens his mouth so I take it away from him. Once he gets on his stump speech about the War, his party’s agendas and lower taxes, I just cringe up again. I want to go back into my hole and count down the days until someone else is elected.

I give Bush credit, he has done wonderful work in Africa and it is great that he may have saved more lives in Africa than he has taken in the Middle East. But that doesn’t make it all better.

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