Thursday, February 7, 2008

1 Year Anniversary

Last year on Ash Wednesday I decided that for Lent I would add a spiritual discipline of journaling. In the 40 days that would follow I started to enjoy this thing called blogging. During this Lenten season I plan to be diligent in my blogging and use this as my spiritual discipline again. I will be adding other posts of interest and fun, but I hope to be reflecting on life as a pastor in lent, posting my sermons, and reflecting on a assortment of other areas.

I would have written this post on Ash Wednesday but my cable was cut by the lawn people. Not only did I not have TV but I did not have the internet also. That problem as been resolved and I don’t worry I was able to see the game last night with a fellow parishioner.

To all in the blog world, may your Lenten season be one of spiritual renewal and a deepening of your faith.

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