Friday, January 18, 2008

Civil War Returns: Who can't drive on snow

I was born in Michigan but moved to Charlotte, NC when I was 8 years old. I am almost as close as you can get to being a native Charlottean. One thing I remember hearing all the time and I am sure it is everywhere in the south today, is that southerners can't drive on snow. Whenever we hear there is a threat to snow, everything closes down because we are scared of the white stuff.

I confess I use to side with the Yankees on this but over they years I have changed my mind. Yesterday schools were closed here in Thomasville and the surrounding areas and we ended up with 0.25 inches of snow. That is a little ridicules but that is how things are here. Rumor has it, and I say rumor because those weather people have no idea what they are talking about, we will be getting anywhere from 2-5 of snow tomorrow. I have taken steps to cancel church services if needed but I started to get riled up.

Tomorrow, if we get what they predict, the streets and highways will be filled with accidents. Tomorrow people, who are anxious to take their SUV 4x4 out for a ride, will find themselves in ditches and parked IN a tree. That is because southern snow is much different than northern snow. Be patient let me explain.

I will only speak for the area I am familiar with. In North Carolina our temperatures varies daily. On Monday it could be 45 degrees and on Wednesday 63. Here you never put away any of your clothes. I’ve worn shorts in every month of the year. This said when we do have a winter storm something happens to the snow the day after it falls. IT MELTS A LITTLE AND THEN THAT NIGHT IT TURNS TO ICE!!!

That is what Yankees don’t know when a winter storm hits the south. Up there you drive on snow, packed snow, salted roads and shoveled drive ways. It snows only a couple times every decade so we do not have the means to deal it, nor SHOULD WE. Yes, you have had experience driving in YOUR snow but I don’t care how long you have been driving in it, NO ONE CAN DRIVE ON ICE. That is what happens down here, snow turns to ice and people, who think they can drive in it, wreck, slide, and that is who you see on the news.

If we get some snow it would be wonderful but everyone stay inside, off the roads, and don’t hurt those pretty SUVs you have spent thousands on.

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