Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Primaries - Why should I Care?

As voters hit the primaries today in NH it got me thinking. Why should I care? I confess I have only voted once in a presidential race and that was the last election in 2004. As I voted for Kerry that day I realized by vote will never count. With the Electoral College system I will never truly get a vote because the state I live in, NC, votes Republican. Yes, I live in a so called Red State. Although, I am not a Democrat either. I am an undecided or independent voter.

Does my vote count? NC has voted Republican for every election I have been alive for (since Regan’s first term, 1980). I do not see that changing anytime soon. We are not known as a swing state and thus candidates don’t pay us much attention. I feel I am stuck. My only option as an undecided voter in NC is to agree with my state or not have my vote count. That is frustrating and brings me to the question, why should I care?


PoorSquare said...

If you think about it, you not voting is basically a vote for the opponent. I had another friend that had this problem bringing up the comment that, "no matter who I vote for the political machine that is the US will continue to go on." By not voting and being involved in the issues you are not supporting the process by which the country was founded. Bringing in the Electoral College is a misconception. While it is true that the Electoral college votes for whoever they think should be president 99% of the time they side with the electorate. By submitting to apathy change will never occur. While it is your opinion whether you should vote or not, if you do not exercise the responsibility that you have you really have no right to complain about how the election turns out.

PoorSquare said...

Don't worry about it though, the primaries don't matter. They are not the general election. They are the popularity contest. When you get to the general election though, it is you duty to choose the lesser of two evils.