Monday, December 10, 2007


On the Today Show there was a headline that Germany might ban Scientology stating that it is not truly a religion. The German Interior Minister states that Scientology is unconstitutional because it restricts essential basic and human rights like the dignity of man or the right to equal treatment.

Now I am not a fan of Scientology and believe it is a money making scheme of L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology is birthed out of the psychospiritual or self-improvement groups of the 20th century. It has been hotly debated if Scientology is actually a religion or not over its 50+ years in existence. You can learn more at their website here.

But what made me think during this piece is what makes a religion a religion. Does a religion have to be constitutional to be a religion? If it is not constitutional is it deemed a cult? If the quote from the Interior Minister of German dictates what a religion then aren’t all religions not a religion because of one part of their theology and/or history?

In the Hindu faith there is belief in the cast system (with some and not with all). Christians believed in the biblical principals of slavery at one time. What scares the German government so much about Scientology? Is it their history of espionage or crazy celebrity spokespersons (yes that is you Tom!)? Maybe it is within some of the truth in this story from Britian.

I know there is a ton of secrets about Scientology and very weird ways of looking at the world. The levels of Scientology, or Operating Thetans, are the way one works up the ladder in the religion. Each level comes with money requirements. Maybe that is the restrictions to human rights or the fact they do not believe in some modern day medical practices. It will be interesting to see what Germany comes up with.

One comment that popped out during the Today Show piece was Ann Archer’s comment. She states, in LA and the US scientology is highly respected. I am not sure what LA thinks but I do know that on this side of the US many question and doubt the validity of the ‘religion’ and might agree more with the German government.

I also found this video from MSNBC very interesting and informative. One I found scary is Tom Cruises speech here. Is study technology a religion or simply a science?

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